Game On

With game 4 of the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals tonight at 8pm, I’m reminded of the overwhelming feeling I got late in the 2nd period and into the 3rd period of game 3 this past Saturday- that it was game on.  The defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins had taken a convincing 2-0 series lead after two games in Pittsburgh.  The question now was about how the first time Stanley Cup competitor Nashville Predators would respond at home.  And respond they did.  In front of a raucous crowd they won 5-1 and continued their hot streak at home.  More than the final score, however, it was the attitude that the series started to take on.   As the 2nd period wound down, the game started to get chippy and both teams found themselves in scrums after every whistle.  Nashville players standing their ground as if to prove the point that they weren’t going anywhere, and Pittsburgh players trying to break the flow that Nashville had found and remind Nashville that they are the defending champions.  As players were shuffled in and out of the penalty box I could sense that both teams had settled into the series and that the upcoming games would be even more intense and riveting.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what the rest of the series brings.  I can’t wait for more of PK Subban’s “bad breathe,” Nashville’s grit, and red-bearded Penguins players sniping Pekka Rinne over the near-side shoulder.  All of which announced by the legendary Doc Emrick and his 153 verbs describing the action.  Game on everybody.


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